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Started by a group of like-minded individuals! This open-source community is driven by the idea that there should be freedom around the creation and use of AI. Some of their investors, partners, and customers include Wells Fargo, NVIDIA, Unilever, Walgreens, Kaiser, Data Scientist, AT&T, and half of the fortune 500 trust as their AI provider.

What is

An interesting startup that allows you to build enterprise models on big data using a fast, scalable machine learning and a predictive analytics platform. They launched the h2o AI Cloud in early 2021 which brought all products in one solution allowing for a high-scale elastic environment for your AI lifecycle!

Have they raised funding?

Yes, the Series E round raised $100 million, with a post-money valuation of 1.7 billion and 1.6 billion pre-money. The series E round is led by (CBA) Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Goldman Sachs, Pivot Investment Partners, Crane Venture Partners, and Celesta Capital.

In 2019 Goldman Sachs led the company series D of $72.5 million. The last two companies who led the rounds are also customers of, SPEAKS volumes about the opportunity in the company.

What do they offer?

With a large solution selection of case studies in industries such as Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Marketing, Retail, and Telecom. You can see how they can help you in each use case ranging from Lead Scoring or touchpoint discovery in marketing to Anomaly Detection in Financial Services!

Have a look at their website for more information!


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