The OpenAI PowerHouse | Dall-E, ChatGpt, Whisper 

What is Whisper from OpenAI ? A speech to text, or automatic speech recognition model.

The team at OpenAI developed a speech recognition system to predict audio transcripts from the internet. They used 680,000 hours of audio data for system. The amazing part is the newly developed system can compete with a prior fully supervised model.

What can it do ? 

  • English Transcription
  • Any-to-English Speech Transcription
  • Non-English Transcription
  • No Speech Prediction


In conclusion, Whisper shows that it can achieve massive results with speech recognition without the of complicated self-supervised and self-trained techniques. By simply training with a large and diverse dataset, they can make the speech recognition system more robust and accurate!


  1. Open AI
  2. Whisper 
  3. Whisper — Robust Speech Recognition via Large-Scale Weak Supervision 
  4. Hugging Faces — Whisper 


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