Cardiocardiogram: Transforming Wearables into Lifesaving Health MonitorsCardio

Cardiogram: Transforming Wearables into Lifesaving Health Monitors

In our fast-paced world, technology continually evolves to enhance our lives. One such technological innovation that’s making waves is Cardiogram, a company based in San Francisco that’s changing the way we think about healthcare. It’s doing this by leveraging the power of consumer wearables, like the Apple Watch, Android Wear, and Garmin devices, to turn them into continuous health monitors.

The Power of Wearables

Consumer wearables have become a integrated part of modern life. They track our steps, monitor our sleep, and help us stay active. But Cardiogram takes this a step further by using deep learning to unlock their full potential. These wearables can now detect four significant medical conditions: Sleep Apnea, High Blood Pressure, Atrial Fibrillation, and even Diabetes.

Clinical Studies and Recognition

Cardiogram’s journey began with clinical studies in partnership with UCSF Cardiology back in 2016. Their work has been published in prestigious medical journals like JAMA, NIPS, AAAI, and has garnered attention from prominent media outlets like the Wall Street Journal, Wired, CNBC, and TechCrunch.

How It Works

So, how does Cardiogram do it? It starts by transforming your wearable device into a portable heart-health monitor. Using their algorithm, which has undergone rigorous testing and peer-reviewed accuracy, Cardiogram interprets the data from your wearable. This data provides valuable insights into your heart’s health.

Detecting Atrial Fibrillation and More

One of Cardiogram’s significant achievements is its ability to detect Atrial Fibrillation, a common heart rhythm issue, with impressive accuracy. This condition often goes undiagnosed but can lead to severe health problems. Cardiogram’s technology changes that by identifying it early.

Beyond Heart Health

Cardiogram goes beyond just heart health. It offers insights into your overall well-being, including sleep patterns, workout data, and stress levels. It can even help you manage your blood pressure and monitor diabetes.

Weekly Report Cards

Cardiogram provides users with weekly Report Cards, offering a personalized health score and risk assessment for conditions like hypertension, sleep apnea, and diabetes. It employs artificial intelligence to estimate risk levels and provides actionable suggestions for improvements.

A Bright Future

Founded by ex-Googlers, Brandon Ballinger and Johnson Hsieh, Cardiogram has a bright future ahead. With funding from Andreessen Horowitz, a leading Silicon Valley venture capital firm, Cardiogram is set to continue its mission of making preventive medicine accessible and effective for everyone.


Cardiogram is changing the game by using consumer wearables to bring healthcare to our fingertips. It’s transforming these devices into continuous health monitors that can hopefully save lives. With its commitment to early detection and preventive medicine, Cardiogram is at the forefront of a health revolution that empowers individuals to take control of their well-being.

In a world where health is paramount, Cardiogram is the beacon of hope, showing us that technology can truly make a difference in our lives. It’s not just about tracking steps anymore; it’s about saving lives and improving the quality of life for millions.


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