Screw Web Design | Use Mixo

Use AI-based prompts to build a working MVP website or web app. Revolutionize the web design process with Mixo, the next big AI tool. 

What is it? 

 A no-code, AI-powered landing page builder for entrepreneurs, agencies, and freelancers to get their sites up and running in less than 1 minute!

How does it work? 

You describe your idea using a prompt. Then Mixo generates all the content for your website in seconds.

Why is it cool? 

You don’t have to write code to create your MVP or landing page. That’s a huge plus. You can use emails, surveys, or interviews to collect customer feedback and connect with your customers. 

They even have a subscription management tool that allows you to export subscribers into marketing platforms or track stats with Google Analytics/Adobe Analytics.

What can you do? 

Pre-launch your product, gather insights, build a waitlist, beta test, or validate new product ideas.


Stop wasting time coding and designing a website from scratch. Use Mixo to revolutionize the web design process. With AI-based prompts, create a working website or web app in under a minute. Pre-launch your product, gather insights, build a waitlist, beta test, and validate new product ideas with Mixo’s subscription management tool and analytics features. Get up and running with Mixo today!

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