Fulfill Your Dreams with Adept.AI: A personal Assistant that Does It All!

Automate the internet with Adept! Founded by some amazing people doing amazing things!

Teaching AI to use the internet, or have you ever wanted a personal assistant that can do anything online? Now you can! Adept.AI is a research and product lab that is building general intelligence using humans and computers to work together.

Adept.AI believes that AI systems can be built with people in mind. That means machines will be able to help us by discovering new solutions, making informed decisions, and giving us more time to do the things we love. In other words, Adept.AI is working to create an AI-Powered future where machines can help us with our work and lives.

The cofounders (Ashish Vaswani & Niki Parmar) created “Transformer” in 2017, at the time was the first neural network that worked for major AI use cases. It quickly became one of the foundational giant models with general capabilities. Researchers can now tackle decade-old problems much faster. They used that same technology a language generation model that can write emails, articles, poetry, and trivia quiz answers.

What is amazing about ADEPT.AI in my opinion is that their models will allow users to take action online! You can book flights, cut checks, and conduct experiments. They will help people get things done with ease. The model will be able to use any software and API in that’s ever been created. Eventually, the model will be a coachable assistant that becomes more and more helpful!

Who’s the team

They are a growing team of nine experts in AI, from research, product, engineering, and design. Together there taking the first steps in the new field of AI. I’m excited to see what the team does to show what’s possible when people and machines work together.


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