Google’s AI-Powered Interview Prep: Get Ready for Your Upcoming Interview

Google’s AI-Powered Interview Prep 

Maybe you’ve nailed every interview you’ve ever had, breezing through industry, behavioral, and technical questions. Personally, I haven’t passed every interview. I struggle with some technical questions. Google’s Grow with Google has launched an interview prep website as part of an initiative to fix this.

It is a quick way to prepare for your upcoming interview in almost any technical role — practice key questions, get insight into your answers, and feel more comfortable in the interview process. — Grow with Google 

What is it? 

Interview Warmup is a great tool that allows users to practice answering interview questions. As you respond, your answers are recorded so you can review what you said to discover patterns.

Who can use it? 

Anyone can use it! It was originally designed to help Google Career Certificate students prepare for job interviews.

What types of questions does it ask? 

There are three types of questions that Interview Warmup asks: 

– Background questions: Covers your past education and experience. They may include questions about your education, previous jobs, interests, and goals. 
– Situational questions: Covers how you’ve handled situations in the past and how you might handle situations in the future. 
– Technical questions: Cover knowledge and skills specific to your field. They often test how you would use your technical knowledge to solve problems in hypothetical situations. 

How does this relate to AI? 

Interview Warmup uses machine learning in these ways: 
It helps transcribe your spoken answers so you can review them, while keeping everything you say private. 
It helps you find patterns in your answers using something called insights.

What are insights? 

 Insights include the work-related terms you use, the words you use most often, and the topics you cover. 
It doesn’t use machine learning to generate interview questions, all of which are created by industry experts. 
Insights does not “grade” your answer or tell you what part of your answer is right or wrong.

Remember anyone can use the tool whether you’re a apart of Google Career Certificates or not!


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