Introducing PandasAI: Making Data Analyst Fun & Conversational!

What is it?

A new Python library that adds artificial intelligence to Pandas, the popular data analysis and manipulation tool.With PandasAI, you can ask questions about your data and get answers back in a conversational /chatbot way. In today’s blog we will dive in and discover how PandasAI can make your analytical task easier!

What does PandasAI do ?

Imagine having an assistant like Siri, except with access to a powerful data analytics library! You can ask questions about your data and receive answers in the form of Pandas data frames, which are organized like tables of information.


pip install pandasai

Explore PandasAI

You can create a Dataframe to play around with containing information on Dog breeds such as their weight and goofiness score. Or literally anything you want to create a database about!

Drum Roll!

Cool right?

In a few lines of code, PandasAI can give you the answers you’re looking for. You can take it a step further and level-up your questions to perform various calculations with ease.

Note: Calculations work great but prompting a chart based on the cal, will give you an off number.

But, Why Should You Care About PandasAI ?

  1. Engaging & Fun way to Complete Analytics: PandasAI may transform data analysis from dry and dull task into interactive and engaging experiences. Instead of crunching numbers, you can ask questions, explore your data, and uncover meaningful insights!
  2. Critical-thinking and problem-solving: Working with data requires critical thinking and problem-solving skills. With PandasAI, you’ll learn how to formulate questions, analyze information and interpret results.
  3. Discover Hidden Stories: Data always has a story to tell. By asking the right questions and exploring your data, you can uncover patterns, trends, and correlations that might not be immediately apparent.
  4. Privacy & Security are Important: PandasAI takes privacy seriously. It randomizes sensitive information and shuffles non-sedative data to ensure your privacy is protected. If you want to take your security further, you can use PandasAI with enforce_privacy=True to only send column names not actual data.


The more new tools release the more exciting the data analytics/ scientist/ engineer journeys become! You can explore your data, ask questions, and receive insightful answers. Give it a try!

Install PandasAI , load your data and start asking questions!

Have a great week!

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