Unveiling Google’s AI Test Kitchen: What You Need to Know!

Unveiling Google’s AI Test Kitchen: What You Need to Know!

A place to improve AI technology By Google 🙂 

What is it? 

An app! In May 2022, Google announced the AI Test Kitchen mobile app to allow the public to “learn about, experience, and give feedback on emerging AI technology.”


What can it do? 

The AI Test Kitchen is a playroom for experimenting with Google’s latest version of LaMDA (LaMDA 2). To explore the capabilities of Google’s AI, three demos are available. With the most important security features in place, the following demos are available:

  • Imagine It: Name a place. LaMDA will offer ways to explore your imagination.
  • List It: Name a goal or topic and see how much LaMDA, can break it down into multiple lists of subtasks. 
  • Talk About it (Dogs Edition): Roll with the conversation and see where it goes. It’s just a fun, kinda weird, open-ended chat.

Use List it as a way to break down a complex goal or topic.Like learning to program or starting a garden.


Note that it uses “multiple layers of protection” and “techniques to keep conversations on topic that act as guardrails for technology that can generate endless, free-flowing dialogue. Google allows users to provide feedback that will be incorporated into future versions. All demos are available at AI Test Kitchen!

CEO Speaks!


Google is using the app to gather feedback for its new AI model, according to Google CEO Sundar Pichai. It will open access “over the coming months, carefully evaluating feedback from the broad range of stakeholders — from AI researchers to social scientists to human rights experts,” Sundar Pichai said the results will be incorporated into future versions of LaMDA. Over time, he added, the company intends to “add other emerging AI areas to our AI test kitchen.”


Find out which tech giant will win the AI wars! Try out the AI Test Kitchen!

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