Late Night @ Wework | Notes / Thoughts

Working on a website for two businesses but wondering if it’s worth it among a few other things.

  • Why is Mapquest still getting 10’s of millions of visits a month ? Can it be a great marketing channel ?

I need to see what the demographic for Mapquest is.

Friday – Work Completed:

  • Finished a website for a BBQ spot in Sacramento CA.
    • Waiting to on: website approval , Transfer website to domain
  • Finished a Demo website for an Assisted Facility website as part of a package to also run ads for them. (Thank You MFM – My first Million)
    • Agreed to 75% of Rent.
    • Website because they didn’t have one.

Need to:

  • Continue Building out Vetti
    • Learning Next JS / Wondering if I even should be learning next js
    • Wondering should I still be building Vetti or working on something else
  • Marketing Services
    • Websites
    • Ads (FB , Google , Mapquest 🙂 , Direct Mail -Local business , SEO, learn content marketing for laical businesses ( IDK how elderly would work but need tor research more )
    • Called 10 businesses but should be calling 100 / Day
      • Goal 25 customers paying 5K a month.
  • Talking to more people at Hackathons / Attending more events in SF
    • Leave Sac and go to more tech focused events/ places with other builders / soloprenuers

Work Out for the Day

  • Bike 5 miles
  • Squats (legs closer with light weight )
  • Pull Ups
  • Dumbell Bench
  • Curls
  • Sauna (15 minutes)

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