Machine Translation breakthrough with DeepL 

Meet the world’s most accurate artificial intelligence-based translation tool. DeepL has been working on making the best machine translation software since it was launched in August 2017. The company is based in Cologne, Germany and was founded by Jaroslaw Kutylowski and operated by DeepL SE.

The company strives to overcome language barriers through artificial intelligence. For companies, organizations and translators they offer professional products. DeepL’s machine translation services are built on proprietary improvements in neural network mathematics and methodology. Their flagship product is DeepL. It translates text back and forth between the source and target languages to fine-tune written communication. After securing a new round of funding, DeepL has additional support and resources to invest in research, product offerings, new talent, and the strengthening of current operations.They released a new…

DeepL Write 

DeepL Write, an AI writing companion that will help users perfect their writing and express themselves with clarity and precision. From novices to native speakers, DeepL Write can help users of all language capability levels. The tool enables anyone to communicate more effectively, from international teams drafting emails and presentations for clients to students writing their dissertations and more. The tool provides users with suggestions on phrasing, tone, style, and word choice, while also correcting grammatical errors.

Pre — DeepL Write 
Post — DeepL Write 

Cool, But How Does this work ?

Similar to DeepL’s flagship product, DeepL Translator, Write uses sophisticated neural network technology that is highly adept at understanding nuance and context in language. DeepL Write is still in beta, but is continuously being improved to make it more accurate.


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