OpenAI and Bing Search pulls Microsoft in the Lead of the AI ARMS RACE 

OpenAI and Bing Search pulls Microsoft in the Lead of the AI ARMS RACE 

Microsoft just announced the “New Bing”.

 On Monday Google announced “BARD”, which will use current data from the internet and Google’s language model to respond conversationally to specific questions and broad topics. 

The CEO wrote, “BARD can be an outlet for creativity and a launchpad for curiosity”. They will host it live from Paris on youtube! The event is at 5:30 AM PT or 8:30 AM ET.


Microsoft annouces….

Microsoft announces “New Bing” a redesigned version of the search engine, that has ChatGPT integrated. Microsoft said it will also integrate it into the Edge Browser! The new Bing is like having a research assistant, personal planner, and creative tool in your pocket.

What you see above is only a taste of what the real thing can do. They have a waitlist to use the full chat functionality. You can ask it a complex question, and you will get a detailed response. Bing looks at search results across the wen to give you the best-summarized answer.

How Do you get access ?

You can request access by selecting “Join the Waitlist” here. 

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