Exploring the Digital and Physical Worlds: An Inside Look at Niantic Labs, the Team Behind Pokemon GO!

Explore Niantic Labs and the Lightship ARDK Platform: Building AR Content & Experiences

Spun out of Google’s parent company Alphabet, Niantic Labs enables users to merge their physical and digital worlds! From the team who brought you Pokemon GO, we will be learning about Niantic Labs!

Why Niantic?

They are making developing AR easier, and more accessible and allowing devs to build and worry less about how the code works. It allows creators the freedom to move their art into the real world. Teams can make an impact across several industries such as E-commerce, Entertainment, and Sports.

“Niantic enables you to create a future that can inspire communities across the world! “

Their mission is to inspire people to explore the world together. The CEO has a strong belief that AR can help do that. The Niantic Lightship platform is a set of services that enable devs to create new planet scale augmented experiences.

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What can you do with The Lightship ARDK?

You can merge your physical and digital worlds, using the same AR mapping tools that powered Niantic’s most popular games. Using the ARDK, devs can build on top of their foundation, accessing their depth sensing, occlusion, semantic segmentation, and Visual Positioning System to anchor their content in physical spaces.

You’re provided with standard materials and tools in the platform such as:

  • Docs
  • Unity Examples
  • Sample App
  • Virtual Studio
  • Additional Tutorials

Can anyone use the Lightship platform?

YES! Anyone has the opportunity to create in the Niantic Lightship Platform but if you’re an artist, major brand, or non-profit Niantics in-house experts can help. They help innovative brands leverage realistic AR experiences to make deeper connections with their audiences, inspire change and shape the next frontier in consumer tech!


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