Intel’s AI Toolkit: What You Need to Know

Intel’s AI Toolbelt

We’ve heard about OpenAI, Anthropic, and Deep mind but what about companies like Salesforce, Oracle, Intel, or NVIDIA? Today we will talk about Intel’s toolbelt. You probably know of Intel for their semiconductors processors that run computers, but they are a top dog in advanced AI software.

What is Intel doing in AI? 

Intel is targeting specific industries as an all-in-one service to quickly deploy AI applications. They target manufacturing, utilities, health care, and a few other industries. The toolbelt or toolkit offers devs AI tools and resources, including their AI software Suite. The suite supports Tensorflow and Pytorch deep learning libraries and other big data analytics platforms. It also includes the following:


With this toolkit, you get executable models and hardware-level instructions that speed up AI training and inferencing. It uses Intels oneAPI parallel programming framework which works in the background to extract the most you can get from server environments that include CPUs, GPUs, and AI accelerators. Keep in mind the tool is open-source but may only work with servers with Intel chips.

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Take Away

Intel is playing the long game, and with an extensive roster of recent acquisitions, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them gain significant momentum in the AI revolution.


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