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Elon Musk’s Twitter ordered by officials to properly label bedrooms in San Francisco HQ as sleeping areas — or convert them back to offices within 15 days. In December, Elon said he was simply “providing beds for tired employees”.

In today’s email:

  • Enterprise GPT : Microsoft integrates GPT 3.5 into teams
  • Lawsuits and high salaries: Class-action lawsuit, ChatGPT passes Google’s level 3 Engineering Coding Interview
  • Around Silicon Valley: The White House task force proposes $2.6 billion for federal AI Cloud!


How Microsoft’s incorporating AI-powered productivity

In 2022 400 new features and improvements were added to Microsoft Teams! Personally I love slack but Microsoft teams is becoming more innovative for org collaboration.

During the start of the Pandemic, Microsoft reported a 252% increase in time spent in meetings, according to this blog.Unless your an Intern looking to do any and everything, you probably don’t enjoy the admin work during meetings. like taking meeting notes, key take-aways and identifying the right action items.

What tools will be integrated with Teams premium

Intelligent Recap: In Teams premium you get automatically generated meeting notes, recommended tasks, and a super cool feature — personalized highlights to help you get the information that pertains specifically to you!

AI-generated chapters: It divides the meeting into sections, so you can pick and choose the content thats relevant to you.

What about Powerpoint Live ?: Yes! This is available starting February 1, 2023.

Personalized Timeline Markers: Made for whenever you want to revisit particular points in a meeting.THE BEST PART ABOUT THIS FEATURE — ONLY YOIU CAN SEE THEM!

BTW: You can read all about how Microsoft is integrating AI into Teams here.


Google FEB-8–2023: On February 8, 2023 Google is hosting an event thats focused on ‘reimagining how people search for, explore, and interact with information.

Iphone price going up: According to Apples CEO Tim Cook, customers could be persuaded to pay more for powerful Iphones that offer more features.According to an earning call by Google.

Billion $$ Loss in 2022: Meta’s VR Division Reports a 13.7 Billion Loss in 2022. With a $3.5 billion greater loss then in 2021, the Realty Labs and AR division took a fat L!

Wow OPENAI: OpenAI contracts Kenyan workers earning less than $2 per hour to help make product less toxic.

Cloud AI Leader (Not Salesforce ?): With Wells Fargo, NVIDIA, Unilever, Walgreens, Kaiser, Data Scientist , AT&T and half of the Fortune 500 use Cloud AI as their AI provider. Read about it here.

Elon Musk: Elon Musk wants to Charge Businesses on Twitter $1,000 per month to retain verified check-marks.

We’ll take 0: Check out this video of The Chinese Balloon being shot down — pretty much a huge spy balloon was hovering over several states in the US.

WFH: What happened to the creators of Pokemon Go? Learn more.

AROUND THE Silicon Valley

Mark Cuban Speaks on Tech : On February 3, 2023 Mark Cuban avoids Silicon Valley: ‘Tech bros’ are ‘pretentious’ and overrated.

That’s interesting: Google PaLM is better then ChatGPT ? Find out here.

How to: Use Google for your next interview Prep.

Ahh That’s cool: This website creates a website for you in minuted with no code!


Happy Black History Month!

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