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Unlock Global Commerce with Rapyd!

What is it?

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Rapyd is a payment platform that makes it easier for businesses to access and utilize local payment methods, no matter where they are! They allow for integrated payments in local currencies, issue corporate cards, transfer and exchange funds, create virtual accounts, and manage compliance without worrying about local regulatory issues.

When was it stated & Why?

The company began in 2016 intending to create an eWallet that allows customers to withdraw cash from an ATM in a country without a bank account. They quickly realized this would require integrations with different systems and local services on top of managing licensing and regulatory requirements.

What Happened?

This leads them to create Rapyd Global Payments Network and Fin-tech Platform to provide businesses with the tools they need to grow globally and create fin-tech applications.

With the new fin-tech platform businesses have access to securely process payments, manage compliance, and create a truly global presence. Join them in liberation global commerce if you’re interested.


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