Never Forget Your Browsing History with ‘Rewind AI’

Create Digital Memory with Rewind AI!

What is rewind.AI?

It’s an easy-to-use search engine that records and stores your data on your computer. The cool thing is there’s no cloud integration or support needed. Since everything is stored locally, you never have to work about your data being leaked.

How does it work?

They record anything you’ve seen, said, or heard and make it searchable. Remember only you have access to them. Your recorded data is never sent off your mac!

They use mind-boggling compression. What’s compression?

They compress raw recording data up to 3,750x times so even with the smallest hard drive you can store years of recordings.


Rewind AI sounds great and like the perfect search engine for my digital history. It’s also reliable and secure, with being an easy way to find anything I’ve seen, said, or heard quickly and conveniently. You can go back to any time in the day to re-watch your recordings. 


  1. Rewind.AI


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