Giving Everyone Equal Access to the Internet with

Browser.AI – Making Data Extraction and Monitoring Easier, More Affordable and More Reliable

What is it ?

The easiest way to extract and monitor data from any website.

Who are they? 

At Browser.AI, they are dedicated to making sure that everyone from your everyday joe to businesses will have equal access to data on the web. You no longer have to build a web scraper using Python and selenium! This can get you to your destination in 2 steps instead of 4 assuming you would learn and then build a script. They believe the web should be a level playing field and that access should not be hindered by expensive and time-consuming data collection. That is why they decided to create a solution to this problem: a reliable, affordable, and easy way to extract and monitor data from the web at scale.

What are their Values? 

They have built their business on four key principles: Optimize for Happiness, The Simplest Alternative, minimal Headcount, and Data-driven decision-making. 

What can it do? 

  • Scraping sales leads from online directories and marketplaces.
  • Extracting and monitoring lists of products and their prices on e-commerce sales
  • Monitoring competitors’ sites and monitoring their presence on other websites 

They are adding prebuilt robots every week for common use cases that don’t require installing a browser extension. Go sign up to receive a list of new prebuilt robots every month. 


To optimize for happiness, they aim to use software to make people happier. This is only possible when they genuinely care about their partners and users. In addition, they strive to make the world simpler by creating value through the development of simpler solutions. They believe in running a lean team and investing in their existing team members rather than hiring additional staff! I love it!

Is it Secure? 

Yes, they take the security of your data seriously. Their AI engineering team has years of experience developing web-based software for Canadian banks. We’ve leveraged bank-level encryption and access management to ensure data privacy and security. For example: 

  • They use Auth0 to authenticate users and store their browser AI account credentials. They don’t store any browser AI account credentials on their infrastructure. 
  • AWS US data centers for databases and services. 
  • TLS 1.2 in Browser AI and External API services 
  • All passwords are encrypted with AES-256 and stored in a database. More here


  1. Browser.AI


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